How to Ride as Many Waterslides as You can in 6 Months


We rode 278 waterslides in a 6 month period, to set our second world record (read about our first world record). The previous 6 month waterslide record was set at 186 slides by a guy named Sal. However, Guinness World Records no longer keeps track of 6 months records.

Our attempt started on June 8, 2017, and continued for the next 6 months. We traveled to waterparks in Wisconsin Dells, Colorado, Las Vegas, Columbus Ohio. Inspiration came from this Mental Floss post.

A few of our favorite waterparks are: Wilderness Hotel in Wisoconsin, Water World in Colorado, Del Mar Aquatic Center in Colorado, and Noah’s Arc Waterpark in Wisoconsin.

All of our goals are set on Patreon if you would like to support our efforts.

The List of Slides


These photos are in order of slides ridden. We took one selfie per slide for each of us. 278 slides total.

End of 24 hours – 105 Slides (#camiahSlides100 Guinness World Record)
End of 3 weeks – 187 Slides (Guinness World Record)