Support: $1 per month.
- We work so hard to entertain.
- We put our all into everything we do.
- We are supporting ourselves by being creative.
- Please.

Services: $100 per hour.
- We care.
- We are perfectionists.
- We are reliable.

(If the price sounds steep, we love to help people out, so hit us up and we’ll try our darndest to work something out.)

Sponsor: $100 for a week.
- miah will have your logo and link on his stream.
- cam will wear your swag.
- We will shout you out whenever possible.
- If you have your own idea, let us know!

Rent: $16,000 for a month.
- We're for rent.
- We'll go all out for you.
- Creating and executing ideas.

Invest: $300,000.
- We'll pay off all of our debt.
- You’ll receive 3,529 hours of work.
- Let's get it.