We've got goals, want to support them?

- Our ultimate goal is to reach our current standard of living (OR HIGHER!) by creating content for a living and entertaining our camiah crew. All day, every day.

- We wanna be free. No longer will this huge dark cloud called debt be a weight that holds us back. Mostly comprised of student loans, we'd like to get a clean slate to live our lives debt free. Can't wait for this moment to arrive.

- To make things more streamlined with our business name, we need to do some paperwork and spend a little moolah. It's not hard, but it's one of our goals. This will be an awesome day, and we'll need some tacos to celebrate.

- Eat 10 Philly Cheesesteaks in 1 day. We will be traveling to Philadelphia to accomplish this goal. Here is the list and order of the restaurants we will be eating at. We will keep you updated on our progress as we tackle this gastronomic feat.

- Reach a combined weight of 351 pounds. We will creatively change eating and movement habits to healthier lifestyle. We are interested in finding ways that work for each of us individually. We wanna do this camiah thing for the long haul. Cam gets 168 of the pounds and miah gets 183. These weights put as in the Normal range of our BMIs. This WILL BE one of the most entertaining things we accomplish.

- We want to take a train from one side of the country to the other. We were inspired to take the train across the US by this Derek Low blog post. This trip will take 4 days. This will be a non-stop trip and we will document the journey and the adventures we face along the way.

- We want to travel the Coast Starlight route. This adventure will take us through 3 states in 35 hours. The main route is Seattle > Portland > Sacramento > Los Angeles. Looking forward to this.

- We want to travel to Williams, Arizona and ride the Grand Canyon Railway to and from Grand Canyon National Park. The 65 mile ride takes around 2.5 hours each way. Looking forward to taking so many photos. Gonna be a good trip.

- We want to travel on the Andean Explorer through Peru. It is noted as one of the highest train routes in the world. The trip lasts 3 days and 2 nights. It covers the track from Cusco > Puno > Arequipa. This will be an exceptionally beautiful adventure.

- We want to travel around Western Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer. There are a few routes to choose from, which we will explore in more depth as we get closer to reaching this goal.

- We want to travel to Glasgow, Scotland and take the West Highland Line on a scenic adventure. We will take the 5.5 hour ride to Mallaig. This trip is supposedly a sight to behold.

We create videos about completed goals, check them out.