We love email. Email is a one to one, personal communication with someone, sent directly to their inbox. It’s hard to get into an inbox, because it takes relationship building, personalized content, and a consistent relative interaction. We relish the challenge of making that interaction look good and feel good to the user. Email is not easy. Email is a craft, and we love every frustrating, gleeful moment of it.

The Splash

Hanalei Bay

We partnered with The Discoverer to code out their email template and Hanalei Bay send. This forward-thinking group wanted an iron clad email that had progressive enhancements at every turn. It was a pleasure working with their group.

Oren Klaff

We teamed up with Oren Klaff and his Krew to create and design an email template that had a personal touch. He loves to send few paragraphs and a few images in a really readable format. We set his team up for success with a straight forward template, and a MailChimp integration.

Daily Scavenge

We designed and created an easy to use email template for Daily Scavenge. The purpose of this email is to highlight a set of great photos from the Instagram community that week. These shout-outs are a great use case for integrating social and email.

weekly recap

We send a weekly recap to keep our supporters informed about what we are up to. It is fun for us as well because we do lots of different stuff. To make this job easier, we built a “camiah email builder” landing page, using JavaScript and PHP to build our emails. The email builder allows us to build our emails within minutes using custom code and keeps our branding on point.

table tr td

We started an email project where we get to send fun, interactive, thoughtful, detailed communications to our community of #emailgeeks. This is where we get to fully express ourselves through email, hand crafting code as a way to connect with people.