Bucket List

Completed: #camiahSlides100

Current Bucket List Item: #camiahSlides1000 (Status = 278 Complete!!!)

Our current goal is to ride 1000 unique waterslides each over a 1 year period (June 8, 2017 – June 7, 2018). We need 187 waterslides to break the current Guinness World Record, but we want 1000. We have been to Wisconsin Dells, the waterparks in Colorado, and are planning to head to Las Vegas, Columbus Ohio, and wherever else we need to go to accomplish this goal. Inspiration came from this Mental Floss post. We’ve set a goal on our patreon if you would like to support our efforts.

Follow the Progress!

A few of our favorite parks:


These photos are in order of slides ridden.

End of 24 hours – 105 Slides (#camiahSlides100 Guinness World Record)

End of 3 weeks – 187 Slides (Guinness World Record)

250 Slides