i build emails

I love email. Email is a one to one, personal communication with someone, sent directly to their inbox. It’s hard to get into an inbox, because it takes relationship building, personalized content, and a consistent relative interaction. I relish the challenge of making that interaction look good and feel good to the user. Email is not easy. Email is a craft, and I love every frustrating, gleeful moment of it.

I love it so much I even created an Email Ipsum!

i am loved

Thanks again for your help on those emails! Always love working with you.
– Eric Hoekendorf

Phenomenal job, really… You didn’t get to see many faces, but they were literally silent clapping at one point.
– Mike Voermans

Thank you! That was impressively quick!!!
– Jessa Halford

Hey @camiah! Wanted to circle back and share that the new template that you worked on has been live for a little less than a week and it’s driving more email open and click engagement than our old template. thank you!!
- Nancy Chen

You are such a great communicator!
– Jessica Best

This group is one of the smartest email dev teams I've seen.
- Matthew Smith

i am worth it

$100 per hour
- I care.
- I'm accurate.
- I'm reliable.

i listen

Contact me if you need an email built.

i am camiah

I created camiah to help people and companies do great work. I love solving problems and finding the best way for everything.

The best way is my mantra and viewpoint on everything I do. This is the combination of the right way, mixed with reality, understanding the constraints, some new insights, factoring in previous attempts, and an awareness of timelines. I use this method in every aspect of my life.